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The intrinsic muscles have received considerable attention from Bischoff ',18, 19', Brooks $7, 28), Fick (247), Hepburn (83', Keith $9\ Kohlbriigge (199), jSommer (491^ Sonntag 1,399'-, and Windle 159, 160).
Hypotlienar Muscles,—The palmari* brevis may be present or absent in one or both hands. TUhe abductor minimi Jig Hi (fig. 35,^ arises from the pisiform
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FIG. 35.—^luscles and joints of the hand in the Chimpanzee. A.O.P. and A.T.P., adductores obliqaus and transversus pollicis; F.B.P.D., deep head of nexor brevis pollicis ; F.C.B., ^exor carpi radialis ; F.G.U., flexor carpi ulnaris; P.D.I., first dorsal interosseous muscle; F.L.P., flexor longus pollicis ; F.P.D., fiexor profundus digitoram ; F.S.D., flexor sub-linais digitorum; CU., cuneiform bone; P.B., pisiform bcne. Other letters in text.
bone, runs along the ulnar border of the hand, and is inserted into the ulnar aspect of the base of the first phalanx of the minimus. The flexor brevis minimi dig it i (F.B.MJD.) has a single origin from the anterior annular ligament and hook of the unciform. It is inserted with the abductor, but it gets an additional insertion